About Ambitious Avenue

Who is the Owner of Ambitious Ave. ?

My name is Zanaya Pacheco and I am the founder and owner of Ambitious Avenue. I am currently 16 years and Im from the Bay Area.

How did Ambitious Avenue get started?

I had always thought of starting some type of business but i had no idea where to start and honestly i didn't think someone like me that doesn't have money or come from much could start one. But one day on IG i came across this girl's shop who was close to my age and thats when the idea popped back in my head. From that day i started researching and attempting to make shirts but it was a constant trial & error so i just gave up. Then a couple months after, in Oct. of 2016 my mom, grandma, brother, and i were driving by a really nice neighborhood. My one and only goal in life that ive had since i was 5 years old was to someday buy my family a nice house. On the way home again the idea popped back in my head. I knew i had to find a way to make money and figure out what i was going to end up doing for my future. I knew i wanted to start a clothing line that would be able to show my creativity and influence my generation. But i also knew i needed the funds for it. So i started Ambitious Avenue as a online boutique selling trendy clothing , i had many ups, and downs and lots of setbacks but i grew a following of over 12k people on IG the 1st year. I saved up and got the materials i needed and now im making my own clothing but im still going through the growing pains of owning a business.